Researchers develop PLED-emitting temporary tatoos

Researchers from the UK's UCL and Italy's IIT developed OLED-based smart temporary tatoos. Similar to children's "sticker" type tatoos, these small devices can be transferred to the skin by being pressed and washed with water.

OLED tatoos (UCL & IIT)

Such devices could in the future be used to short-term sensors (for example to detect when an athlete is dehydrated during an event) or in fruit packaging to signal when a product has passed its expiry date.

The OLED device itself adopts a simple structure - a polymer-emitting material between two electrodes, protected by an insulating layer. The PLED emitter is deposited using spin coating.

Last year researchers from Yonsei University in Korea developed a full-color wearable AMOLED display that can be placed directly on human skin. The device can be flexed and stretched as needed.

Posted: Mar 01,2021 by Ron Mertens