Researchers develop the lowest operation voltage OLED ever at 1.5V for 100 nits

Researchers from japan's National Institute for Molecular Science and the University of Toyama have developed a new OLED structure that can operate at low voltages - the entire OLED runs at 1.5 Volt (compared to 4.5V commonly used in current OLED devices). The researchers say that this is the lowest operation voltage reported for an OLED devices with a luminance of 100 cd/m2. In fact the researchers have demonstrated the OLED at 177 cd/m2.

1.5V OLED design structure and chemical structure (NISM)

The researchers say that the OLED has a smaller turn-on voltage at 0.97 V than the optical energy of emitted photons at 2.04 eV (608 nm), because the OLED is based on upconversion (UC) transition associated with triplettriplet annihilation that doubles the energy of excited states.

Posted: Jan 11,2022 by Ron Mertens