Researchers develop new high carrier mobilty flexible backplane technology

Researchers from South Korea's Gyeongsang National University and Chung Ang University developed a new plastic (polymer) semiconductor backplane technology. The new backplane features a carrier mobility of 12 cm2/Vs - which is good enough for AMOLED displays, and the best mobility of any polymer based backplane according to the researchers.

Flexible AMOLED prototype, AUO

The researchers say that this new backplane can be used in flexible, bendable and stretchable displays. It should be cost effective, too, as it is based on poylmers and not silicon or oxide TFTs.

Just to compare, a-Si backplanes usually feature 0.5-1 cm2/Vs, LTPS features 30-500 cm2/Vs and Oxide-TFTs are in the range of 1-50 cm2/Vs.

Posted: Nov 11,2013 by Ron Mertens