Panasonic LZ1000 / LZ1500

Panasonic's LZ1500 OLED TV series (77-, 65-, 55-, 48-, 42-inch) offers Panasonic's Master Evo OLED (LG's OLED.EX) Professional Edition panel (except the 42-inch and 48-inch which will offer the company's regular OLED panel). Other features include HDR10+ Adaptive technology, HDMI 2.1 and Panasonic's HCX Pro AI Processor.

Panasonic LZ1500 photo

The LZ1000 series offer similar specifications, but without the Master OLED Pro panels (i.e. LG's regular WOLEDs, not the OLED.EX panels).

OLED type:  

77-, 65-, 55-, 48-, 42-inch 4K WOLED

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Posted:   May 13,2022 by Ron Mertens