OTI Lumioncs launches its new Aerelight for print technology, aiming to embed flexible OLED lighting in print media

OTI Lumionics launched a new technology it calls Aerelight for Print technology, which uses paper-thin flexible OLED panels to light elements in print media.

OTI says that in order to enable low-cost production of flexible OLEDs, it designed its own manufacturing technology and advanced materials. This includes the company's own proprietary FlexTorr encapsulation technology.

OTI teamed up with Flash Reproductions to demonstrate its new technology, and the front-cover of Flash's annual magazine interludes an interactive light-up front (as can be seen in the video above).

OTI Lumionics was established in 2011 by researchers and engineers from the University of Toronto, with an aim to develop OLED lighting technologies. In 2014 OTI launched its first consumer product, the $239 Aerelight OLED desk lamp, and shortly after we discussed OTI's technology and business with the company's founder and CEO.

It's not clear if OTI actually produces the OLED lighting panels. This application is very similar to Konica Minolta's packaging integrated flexible OLEDs, so it could be that OTI is using KM's panels in this demonstration. The following video shows a short demonstration of KM's application and panels.

Posted: Apr 20,2018 by Ron Mertens