Several online retailers are now offering LG's 55EC9300 (the 2014 55" curved Full-HD OLED TV) for less than $2,400 - the lowest price ever for an OLED TV. Amazon still lists it at $2,799.

The 55EC9300 is a 55" curved FHD OLED TV, based on LG's WebOS smart TV platform. The TV features a 240Hz refresh rate and a brightness of 500 cd/m2. In two weeks LG is going to launch its 2015 55" curved TV that features 4K resolution, so retailers are probably eager to get rid of last year's OLED TVs.

Source: Abe's of Maine

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Couple of comment

As far as I know, this model isn't being dropped this year, it will continue so the price looks even better.

Some shops appear to be saying this TV is 240Hz, it isn't. I have it from the designers themselves that this TV is 120Hz. Not sure it can manage 500 nits too (but not certain).

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