According to CNet, two US retailers (B&H and Adorama) posted pages with information on LG's 2015 OLED TVs, including prices (the pages have been removed from the sites since). CNet says that they talked to Adorama and B&H, who said said that they expect all models to ship within 3-4 weeks (including the 77" bendable TV, which isn't likely), and the 55EG9600 will ship on March 9.

LG OLED TVs at CES 2015

Here's the full price list from both sites:

These are high prices, obviously, but that's about what we expected as launch prices. LG's current curved 55" Full-HD TV (the 55EC9300) costs about $3,000, and the 65" 4K 2014 model (the 65EC9700) costs $9,999. It's highly likely that prices will come down during the year - we've seen this before with LG's OLED TV launch prices, and we know that LG will increase capacity during 2015 which will result in lower production costs.



Ron, there was a big drop in

Ron, there was a big drop in price this week on the 55EC9300, multiple online vendors selling it for $2300-$2400 delivered. Cooters

Cooters, can you point me to

Cooters, can you point me to some of these retailers? I couldn't find it anywhere lower than $2,999 (except eBay, but it's always cheaper there).

East Coast TVs - $2329

East Coast TVs - $2329

Abe's of Maine - $2339


and I believe Cleveland Plasma is at $2400.



Thanks Cooters, excellent. I

Thanks Cooters, excellent. I posted this today.