Today we launched OLED-Info's new design. The changes are not dramatic, but we changed some of the menu system, made the site (hopefully) cleaner and more modern. Most importantly, this design is now mobile-friendly and should prove easier to read on smartphones.

OLED-Info's new 2015 responsive design

We hope this design will make the site nicer and easier to read, we'll be happy to hear your thoughts and comments!



Fine, but could easily be better

New design looks more modern. Congratulations. But there are serious drawbacks.

1. There is still no easy and obvious way to register/log-in to the site. (For example, each time I need to log-in, I'm forced to use a bookmark (!) since there is no a link to the corresponding page in the site navigation. Almost nobody use such a bookmark, so almost all people are forced to post their comments on behalf of an anonymous user.)

2. New HTML/CSS template imports a huge amout of CSS and JS files. Each file causes a separate HTTP request and increases overall page-load time by adding a delay needed for each HTTP request. I would recommend to (automatically) merge all CSS files to a single one, same applies to JS files.

3. Your responsive-layout implementation could be even better if a fluild layout (with automatic/percentage page width instead of a series of fixed ones) has been used.

4. Font size of the WYSIWYG (Rich Text Edit) text area in the comment form is too small. For better readability, it makes sense to increase the font size to the same font size which is used for comment text and for editing in "Plain text" mode.

5. Paragraphs in comments have no vertical gaps between them after posting while actually having the gaps during editing comment or previewing the comment.

6. Design graphics is not HiDPI-friendly, i.e. it's blurry when viewed with a 4K monitor like Dell P2415Q with 200% system-level scale.

MT,Thanks for the comments.


Thanks for the comments. Yes, there is still some work to be done, I agree and I will try to take care of all that points you mention. Regarding the login/register: registration is still done manually by me, and login is always via I know it's a bit of a nuisance... we'll try and do better.


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