After more than 3 years, we have updated our site's design... with a much cleaner look. I'd love to hear your comments on the new look!



New Look

Much improved look.

OLED-Info site redesign

What you describe as a cleaner look, to me appears as an "uncluttered" home page. In fact this is the trend today. Since about 1996 web sites have been seeking ways to be more like TV. The development has been fabulous and has shown us how far we can go and how far we have come in such a relatively short period of time. The mimicking of tv motion has resulted in such distraction on some sites, that the only people making money or deriving any benefit from the sites are the web page designer/developers. I agree with you. The simpler and more focused that a page is, the more quickly page viewers get what they need from it. Certainly there is a need for "busy/motion-rich/crammed/colorful pretty/ugly/extreme/confusing/ distracting/etc. web pages, if the intent is for that fact to have the effect or the impact such confusion or appearance or activity as is desired by the site owner. Too many site owners do not know the options open to them, hence the continued evolution of unnecessarily busy sites stroking the egos of the sites' creator/developers, filling their pockets with cash from the unneeded and possibly interfering components. Nice to see the OLED site doing the right thing.

Thanks guys!

I'm glad you like the new design! Thanks!




Everyday, as a breakfast i had to check this site.
Now the new design is awful that even my breakfast looks like it!
Please bring back the old design, because now i don't have will to think to open, not to mention visit daily.
Thank you.

Hey Vlado, Sorry to hear

Hey Vlado,

Sorry to hear that... What's bad with the new design?


Hey Vlado, Sorry to hear

""""Hey Vlado, Sorry to hear"""

Do you know me?

No need for the condolences, thank you for the comment.

Bye for now.

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