OLED displays are used in lot's of products - and here we list all products with OLED screens that do not fit in our main categories.

Cleer Mirage

Cleer's Mirage Smart Display Speaker features a curved 7.8" flexible AMOLED display that is wrapped around the speaker's cylindrical body, to offer an "immersive viewing from all angles".

Cleer Mirage photo

The Mirage offers Amazon Alexa integration and is based on Qualcomm's APQ8053 Smart Audio Platform with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The audio device is a ringed 3.1-channel speaker with a passive radiator and several selectable DSP modes.

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SmallHD Focus OLED

SmallHD's Focus OLED is a professional OLED monitor for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. It features a 5.5" 1920x1080 AMOLED display (402 PPI, 350 nits), a tilting mounting system, HDMI and Micro-USB inputs and an option to power the camera via its 7.2 volt output.

SmallHD Focus image

The SmallHD Focus OLED was announced in April 2018 and is now shipping for $699 (note: referral link to Amazon).

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Royole RoWrite wordpad

The Royole RoWrite wordpad (RO-F930-A) is a tablet-like device released by Royole by the end of 2017. We originally thought this was an OLED tablet but eventually it seems that this device only includes a touch sensor (apparently Royole's own flexible sensor) that can accept pen-input, onto which you place a regular (A5) paper to write on.

Royole RoWrite photo

The RoWrite includes memory for about 40 notes, and it can transfer these to both iOS and Android devices (via Bluetooth). The RoWrite started shipping in China towards the end of 2017 and is now available globally for $79.99.

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Apogee Duet 2

Apogee's Duet2 is their second generation audio interface for Mac with a USB (2.0) interface, 2 inputs and 4 outputs, new mic preamp and converters, 24-bit/192Khz recording, configurable touch pads. And a full-color OLED display.

Apogee Duet 2 photo

The Duet2 will be available in April 2011 for $595.

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SonyEricsson LiveView

The Sony LiveView is an Android accessory - it has a small (1.3") PMOLED display and can communicate via Android 2.x devices. You can control music, get notifications about phone calls, updates from applications (twitter, facebook) and more. The idea is that you can wear it like a watch.

SonyEricsson LiveView photo

The LiveView price was $35.

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The ASUS DR-570 was to be the first e-reader with an OLED display. It has built-in Wi-Fi and 3G, and can play videos and flash. ASUS claims 122 hours lifetime on one battery charge - obviously the OLED display contributes a lot to that great battery life.


The ASUS DR-570 was never released though as a commercial product

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Eintech Magic Talker L-600 Multi Lingual Assistant

The Magic Talker L-600 is a "multi-lingual assistant" for the Korean market. It has 3 kinds of dictionaries - English, Chinese and Japanese, with "authentic" native-speaker voice. Besides the speaking dictionaries and some 'educational' content, it supports MP3, T-DMB, FM radio, voice recorder, e-Book reader, and more.

Eintech Magic Talker's L-600Eintech Magic Talker's L-600

The L-600 has 4GB internal memory and a microSD slot. We don't have any pricing yet...

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