Nanomarkets released a new OLED lighting report (OLED Lighting Markets 2014) in which they predict that the OLED lighting market will grow into a $1.4 billion market in 2019. Nanomarkets are now more optimistic regarding OLED lighting due to recent manufacturing expansion and improvement in performance.

While currently most of the OLED lighting panels produced was used in development kits for designers, in the next few years Nanomarkets predicts that real commercial OLED luminaries will start to appear. In 2019, revenues from OLED luminaries for homes will reach almost $400 million and office luminaries will reach almost $380 million.

By 2015, Nanomarkets expects the worldwide OLED lighting yearly capacity to reach 30 million panels. This will grow to 40 million in 2019 (a very modest growth). In the next five years, Nanomarkets sees a major influx of low-cost (and possibly government subsidized) Chinese suppliers that will force down OLED lighting prices.

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