MicroOLED announces the world's highest density OLED Microdisplay - 5.4mp on 0.61"

Update: we got new details, a shipping date and the product datasheet

MicroOLED announced their next-generation 0.61" OLED microdisplay which features 5.4 million pixels (color SXGA 1,280x960 or monochrome 2,560x2,048). The sub-pixel pitch size is 4.7x4.7 micrometres - which makes this the highest pixel density OLED microdisplay on the market according to MicroOLED. Other features include 100,000:1 contrast ration and high uniformity (96%). Power consumption can be as low as 0.2W (depends on how it is driven).

The company says this new microdisplay is intended for applications that demand high picture quality such as professional cameras and camcorders, night vision systems and head-mounted displays used in surgery. It's not clear whether they are already producing the microdisplay yet.

Back in December 2011 we published an interview with MicroOLED's CEO - in which he hinted to this new product.

Posted: Jan 29,2012 by Ron Mertens