Magnetic storage data can be directly used to control OLEDs

Researchers from the University of Iowa and New York University developed a method to convert magnetic storage data into optical transmission data. Basically this means that one can directly control OLEDs from magnetic-based storage.

It turns out that the magnetic field of the storage has enough energy to excite an OLED to produce photos. The researchers say that this method can be an optimal solution for plastic-based devices. I'm not sure I understand this completely, but it seems an interesting innovation on the road to cheap plastic-based computing devices.

Posted: Jul 01,2014 by Ron Mertens


If an OLED can be manufactured with a directly connected magnetic storage, then I see two applications:

1. Direct data to display, without using processor memory to store image displayed

2. A form of "e-paper" where the display need no refreshing from the video controller, just a form of power to keep the display active.