Lumiotec's OLED Lighting development kits are shipping now in Japan

A few weeks ago we reported that Lumiotec will start selling OLED Lighting panel dev kits, and today they have indeed opened their online store. The store only accepts Japanese orders currently. 

The development kits (pictured above) include one 145mm x 145mm OLED panel, a controller and an AC adapter. They cost ¥84,000 each (about $930) a little higher than what they said a couple of weeks ago.

The panel is 4.1mm thick (the thickest part is 4.8mm). The light emitting area is 125mm x 125mm. It weights 195g, the average color rendering index is Ra80, and the maximum brightness is  4,000 cd / m2. The lifetime is quoted at 30,000 hours (at 1,000 cd / m2 brightness level)

Posted: Feb 15,2010 by Ron Mertens