Lumiotec OLED lighting updates

Lumiotec sent us some interesting updates today. First of all, the company is already producing and shipping their second generation panels. They call these the 'standard' panels, or Version 2.0. The older panels (like the one we reviewed a while back) is referred to as 'pre series' or Version 1.0. The new panels offer better efficiency and lifetime and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They also cost a lot less then the first version - ranging from €115 to €350 (so the large square is down from around €700 to €260!). You can see Lumiotec's updated datasheet here.

A while back we reported that Rohm developed a new OLED lighting panel that uses a red phosphorescent material - which results in a much more efficient panel (25-30lm/W). We assumed that Lumiotec's Version 2.0 panels use Rohm's new panels - but sadly this is not the case. The Ver 2.0 are still all fluorescent, and the efficiency is just a little over 10.5lm/W. Lumiotec says that they consider phosphorescent materials a must for efficient panels and they do plan to go down that route in the future.

Lumiotec's new fab is now operational, and it can make 60,000 panels a year. Actually Lumiotec says that the maximum capacity is 240,000 panels a year (if they'll work 24 hours a day). The new panels uses in-line manufacturing equipment that was developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (one of Lumiotec's shareholders).

Lumiotec also partnered with two Italian companies for OLED lamps design and consulting services. They are showing some of these designs in the Milano art show (April 12-17). Lumiotec considers Europe to be the fastest growing OLED market and wants to start their worldwide OLED marketing from Italy.

The final update is that Lumiotec launched their new web site. You can see great new photos of OLED panels, new design ideas and some interesting explanation about Lumiotec's technology.

Posted: Apr 13,2011 by Ron Mertens