Last week we reported that LG is set introduce new OLED TV models to the Korean market, including flat OLEDs. While we do not have model numbers and details yet, Business Korea updates that the new OLED TVs are slimmer and lighter compared to the previous models.

LG OLED TVs at CES 2015

LG Electronics's new OLED TVs are only 4.8 mm thick (for the 55" 4K models). Those TVs are super lightweight, too - they weigh just 14 kg and to make sure customers know that, those OLEDs are hung from the ceiling with wires in some stores.

LG's new 4.8 mm TVs will be the slimmest on the market - but LCD not far behind. Sony recently launched 4.9 mm LCD TVs. DisplaySearch explains how new thinner light-guide plates enable such thin LCDs - and it turns out that these are expensive glass plates with slightly inferior transmittance. LG's thin OLEDs of course still produce an excellent image quality - the best TVs ever made.

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