In January 2015, LG introduced six new OLED TVs, including flat, curved and bendable ones - and all of them featuring 4K resolution. Up until now the company only launched two curved OLEDs (the 55" and 65" EG9600). LG today says that they will soon launch new OLED TV models to the Korean market, including flat OLEDs.

LG OLED TVs at CES 2015

This is great news as even though LG claims that image quality in curved panels is better, many consumers prefer flat OLEDs as these look better when wall mounted. The price of the flat models will be the same as that of the curved models.

LG's 2015-model UHD (4K) 65" curved OLED TV (65EG9600) current costs $6,499 while the 55" model, (55EG9600) costs $4,499.



Flat OLEDs finally

I was told by a local dealer that he was told that curved panels were structurally more sound than flat panels. As I see it, curved panels make sense when they are 75" and larger. This is larger than would be appropriate for my theater room. Why I want a flat OLED has nothing to do with how well it looks when mounted on a wall. The curve on smaller panels makes for a sweet spot that is not that big, probably only big enough for one person. Since I watch with my wife almost all the time, a curved panel makes no sense for my situation. I really wish manufacturers would stop trying to spin "features" as the greatest thing to come to the technology since the vacuum tube when they degrade the viewing experience. Most knowledgeable sites all say that the curve only makes sense at 75" or larger. As I see it, if the curve really is needed for a structurally it would be better from an honesty standpoint for them to just say this and be done with it rather than try to convince potential customers that the picture is better.

curved OLED

I agree that a curved panel makes no sense, except for one central viewer close to a large screen.  Any viewer not in the sweet spot will in effect be viewing the near side of the screen at more of an angle than if the screen were flat.

curved screen viewing

I am told that the radius of the curve on the 65" LG OLED TVs is 16 feet.  Ideally you want sit at the center of the circle (which is at infinity for a flat panel).  Anyone viewing from within 16 feet should get a slightly improved view.  The other issue is reflections.  The curvature reduces the width of the reflection.  You see slightly less of what's behind you.  I would be happy with either a curved or flat LG 4K OLED TV for my wife and I.  We sit 8 or 9 feet from our TV.  

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes