LG's 27" OLED monitor, the 27EP950, to cost $2,999

Yesterday we posted that according to our information, LG Electronics is planning to release a second OLED monitor soon, with a 27-inch OLED panel. Today B&H added an early product page, listing the new monitor with a $2,996 price tag. The model number is indeed 27EP950B as expected. B&H does not list any other details or even a photo of the monitor, but you can already pre-order the monitor.

LG UltraFine OLED Pro photo

LG's first 2021 OLED monitor, the 31.5-inch 4K UltraFine OLED Pro, model 32EP950 is using an inkjet-printed OLED panel produced by Japan's JOLED. It is likely that the 27-inch panel used in the 27EP950 is also produced by JOLED. We still do not know the price of the 31.5-inch monitor.

Posted: Feb 07,2021 by Ron Mertens


You can get an LG 55" 4k television for $1,399.99 at Best Buy. Why would they manufacture a monitor 1/4 the size (total area) and then try to sell it for more than double the price? There's no market for that.

Well, they can claim as usual that monitors are geared towards color accuracy, fine detail and need to display static content far more often than TVs. Some of that is true, but then again I never asked for textbook-like color accuracy. Gimme a TV panel scaled down to 32", fix the burn-in problem and leave everything else as is. Not all of us do color grading for Disney or process images from the Royal wedding.

Speaking of burn-in, mobile phones display a lot of static content too, but that doesn't stop people from using them for +5 years. And unlike these displays, some mobile phone displays exceed 1200 nits.

It's for the professional production market and they demand a lot more with a screen than a regular old TV.

That monitor is spec-wise worse than any new LG-/Sony/Phillips/Panasonic Oled-TV lineup coming out 2021.You confuse "which monitor/TV is actually worse" here lol.

This monitor does not even have an anti-reflective coating, but the usual and cheaper crystal&mate-coating, which makes the image dull looking.

One could take LG Displays 2021 evo-panels, reduce brightness down to hdr600 levels and one could never have any burn-in problems (proper usage) even after 8 hours static content daily.

This monitor is a rip-off. Just said. They could easily sell it for 1/3 the price and still make good enough product-margins.Waiting-game begins, for this industry to start charge lower appropriate prices for upcoming produtcs.

having a 42 inch "monitor" sitting on a desk is unacceptable.

Why would I want a TV on my computer desk? 

LG 55" 4K uses WRGB panel which uses extra white component to get brighter but doesn't offer the colour range of a true RGB panel. For photo editing and colour work a true RGB panel is preferred. This is a professional panel made by JOLED who works with Sony on Broadcast OLED monitors used for colour grading. The fabs for making home TV OLED panels in 48" and greater sizes are all WRGB. This is slightly different technology aimed at a different market. There is a market for these monitors because currectly a Sony broadcast OLED used for TV and film colour grading is over $12k new. This gets close, perhaps not as bright but for less than half the price. Home OLED panels are great but are aimed at different markets. 

Correct. Mobile phone panels are using AMOLED displays. TVs are not using AMOLED displays. These panels from JOLED used in these monitors are closer to the technology used on your phone where the OLED panel is printed using organic material. The big screen TVs are a different OLED technology. They are slightly more susceptible to burn in than mobile phone screens. I've used a OLED TV at home for 5 years without any burn in. This is more like a mobile phone screen blown up to 32" rather than a TV screen cut down. This product is not for you if you aren't interested in absolute colour accuracy. Just get a LCD panel if you want to play games.

It all depends on what the market can support seeings this is targeted at the professional video industry the price could be any where from $2500-$3500 seeings a comparable existing OLED monitor costs upwards of $18000 there no way to know exactly where they are going to price this.

All you people talking about how you can get an OLED TV for a quarter of the price or whatever aren’t thinking or have never owned a desk before. It is not possible to use a 48” screen, which is the smallest TV size going right now, as a monitor while using PC peripherals like a keyboard and mouse. 

People do not have desks with 6’ of depth. Do you people honestly believe turning your neck from corner to corner at a 48” display which is 30” from your face is an acceptable experience? The middle of the screen will be like 20” closer to you than the top corner. How are you supposed to accurately work like that? Not to mention the eye strain and general nonsense. 

Think for a minute before making statements like this. None of this is mentioning the fact that these monitors are calibrated true RGB monitors for grading work. 

That’s what Bill Gates once said about PCs with more than 256 KB of memory.


”There is no market for that”.

innovation products always start with high consumer prices be Ayse manufacturing scale is off. Over time, consumers see the benefits, the. Artet matures, and prices come down as manufacturing scales up. 

This happens all the time. There are a lot of professional use cases where a large TV is simply not going to work. 

"This product is not for you if you aren't interested in absolute colour accuracy. Just get a LCD panel if you want to play games." - Really now? Who said anything about playing games?

There is actually HDR content (both photos and videos) that would benefit from such a screen without perfect color accuracy. Who said movies are for cinema and TVs only?

There are plenty of amateur/hobby photographers that could put it to good use with decent but not perfect color accuracy. 


I don't understanding why they can't do a 120 Hz at a smaller size using normal OLED by simply using less pixels? 1440p is more than enough for gaming etc at 27"