LG lowered the price of its high-end 2016 OLEDE6 OLED TVs - the 55" model costs $2,499 while the 65" model costs $3,999. That's about $1,000 lower than the price before. LG may be starting to lower the price of its 2016 models as it gets ready to release its newer 2017 OLED TVs.

LG OLED65E6P photo

LG's OLEDE6 is a series of flat-panel 4K smart OLED TVs introduced in 2016. The TVs feature an ultra-slim on-glass design, a fixed soundbar, LG's webOS 3.0, Color Prime PRO technology and HDR.




Is this a real news? According to Keepa on amazon.com the 55E6 has been sold @2499$ since the middle of November...

Perhaps, I just saw it now...

Perhaps, I just saw it now...

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