LG Display logo LG Display has revealed their OLED TV roadmap: 15" displays in 2009, 20" in 2010, 30" in 2011 and 40" or larger panels in 2012. The 40" panels in 2012 will be "fairly expensive", but they will be available in the market. These details were given by Won Kim, LG Display's OLED sales and marketing VP.

Kim says that the technical challenges for large-size OLED panels are:

  • driver elements (Kim says that LG Display will probably use a TFT based on low-temperature polycrystal silicon, or an oxide-semiconductor such as IGZO).
  • Organic materials and film forming process (LG will use fluorescent materials until 2011 and phosphorescent materials afterwards. LG are considering using printing technologies).
  • Sealing process  (LG believes that solid sealing is desirable for TV panels).

With those measures, LG Display aims to get OLEDs at about 50% higher cost than LCD, with 30% lower yield in 2012. In 2016, OLEDs will be 20%-30% cheaper than LCD, with an equivalent yield.