LG Display equips a tour bus in Korea with transparent OLEDs to create an augmented reality tour

LG Display has equipped a tour bus in Korea's Suwon town with transparent OLED displays, to enable a sort of augmented-reality tour that overlays historic images that simulate life in Suwon in 1795.

LGD says that "historical figures come to life as animated scenes match up with the fortress walls to show them in their original setting. You get to sense what this city would have looked like centuries ago, and how people in traditional dress would have lived and celebrated major events. There’s even a demonstration of old technologies during the tour, with text in Korean and English to guide you along".

The bus uses LG Display's 55" FHD transparent displays, fitted in the bus windows. A few months ago we reported on an similar experience, with a tour bus in Italy that is now operating in Rome.

Posted: Sep 21,2022 by Ron Mertens