KAIST scientists present advances in their OLED-on-fabric research project

Last year researchers from Korea's KAIST institute developed a process to deposit OLED displays on textile substrates. Using several-micrometer-thick fibers, the researcher created thin fabrics from these fibers and coated them with OLED materials which were then encapsulated to achieve a lifetime of 1,000 hours.

OLED on fabric prototype (KAIST, August 2017)

The same KAIST group now announced that this OLED-on-fabric program is advancing. The researchers now report that their latest prototype "OLED-clothing-device" has high lifetimes and feature good electro-optic characteristics. The bending radius of the new fabric is only 2 mm. The researchers say that this new prototype is the most flexible and highest performing OLED on fabric ever demonstrated.

Posted: Aug 30,2017 by Ron Mertens