IKEA launches its first OLED lamp, the Vitsand chandelier

IKEA launched its first OLED lamp, the Vitsand - a chandelier with 7 OLED panels. The Vitsand provides 700 lumens at 2700K. Each panel is about 77 lm/W (total 7W). The lamp is dimmable, and the panels unfortunately cannot be replaced.

The Vitsand is now available in IKEA Europe for 199 Euro. It is great to see OLED lighting enter a retail store like IKEA, even though the price is still very high. The panels are likely made by LG Display but we are not sure.

The OLED lighting market is still struggling as panel production costs are very high and most current installations are for high-end premium locations such as museum, premium cafes and luxury automobiles.

In 2014 Home Depot started offering Acuity Brands' OLED Lighting lamps, starting at $199. Home Depot still offers OLED lamps but sales are still limited of course by the high prices.

The leading OLED lighting producer at this stage is LG Display, and the Korean producer announced in 2016 that it aims to construct a 5-Gen (1000x1200 mm) OLED lighting fab in Gumi, South Korea. This fab will greatly increase LGD's capacity and will hopefully enable it to lower prices dramatically and will open a new chapter for the entire OLED lighting. The fab is still not operational, but hopefully LGD will manage to start mass production soon.

Posted: Nov 11,2017 by Ron Mertens