The HYPOLED project (High-Performance OLED-Microdisplays for Mobile Multimedia HMD and Projection Applications) is now in month 18, and they present some intermediate results:

  • A new all-digital VGA full-color OLED microdisplay backplane has been designed by Fraunhofer IPMS in a 0.18 micrometer commercial CMOS process and is currently under prototype manufacturing.
  • Pico-projector optics (matching HYPOLED VGA microdisplay) has been developed by Fraunhofer IOF and publicly demonstrated.
  • The MediaBox connectivity to DVB-T, DVB-H (MPEG-2/4 streaming) and WiFi has been implemented by Fraunhofer IPMS on a low-power multimedia processor platform (Samsung S3C6400) and has been demonstrated.
HYOPLED microdisplay test chip photo

HYPOLED was originally founded and co-ordinated by MicroEmissive Displays (MED) and the Fraunhofer IPMS. But MED has entered administration, and now they are collaborating with MicroOLED, who joined the team in March 2009. The collaboration targets benchmarking of MicroOLED's existing WVGA and Fraunhofer IPMS' HYPOLED VGA backplane, each in combination with both MicroOLED's and Fraunhofer IPMS' pin OLED stacks.

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