HP started shipping the Spectre X360 OLED hybrid laptop/tablet, starting at $1,499. The X360 has a 13.3" OLED display (2560x1600, made by SDC) - and the OLED model weighs 50 grams less than the equivalent LCD model, and HP says that the OLED outperforms the LCD in terms of color gamut (103% RGB vs 72% in LED displays) and is also more power efficient.

HP Spectre X360 photo



A correct image

Thanks MT, you are right, I

Thanks MT, you are right, I replaced the image!

Annoyingly they note it as

Annoyingly they note it as "OLED-backlit" which makes it ambiguous, considering OLEDs do not have a backlight.

I spoke with a rep who said he put in a note for them to update the description on the site (sounds like it is indeed OLED display)

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