In August 2017, Japan Display announced a last-resort strategic focus on OLED displays as the Japanese display maker failed to understand how quickly the industry will shift to OLED displays. JDI said it will need to raise $1.7 billion if it was to start OLED mass production (hopefully by the end of 2019).

According to Japan's Kyodo News Agency, a group of investors from China and Taiwan have agreed to invest 60-80 billion Yet ($540-721 million USD) in order to bailout JDI. The lead investors will apparently be China's state-backed Silk Road Fund and display maker TPK from Taiwan. In exchange for the investment, the group will take a 30-50% stake in Japan Display.

$700 million will likely not be enough for JDI in order to make the transit to OLED production. In any case JDI aimed to finalize its financing by March 2018 - and now it reportedly hopes to close this deal by March 2019.Last year it was reported that JDI is in talks with BOE, CSoT, Visionox and Foxconn, but according to reports all these companies were cautions in 2018.

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