OLED Q4 CC notes

Last updated on Fri 03/03/2023 - 10:24

Q4 CC notes - 

- Q4 Revenue $49.5M, EPS 0.35/sh2013 Revenue $146.6M, EPS 0.70/shCash $272.6M at EOY, up $45M in 2013 vs. $17.8M in 2012.

- 2014 Revenue guidance is $190-$205M, which includes a $50M Samsung royalty payment. They are forecasting materials revenue will grow 50% in 2014, based primarily on capacity growth in 2H2014.

- OLED discussions have heated up in Japan and China.

- Material breakdown, due to expected seasonal declines vs Q3.Green emitter - $11.6M vs. $13.6MGreen host - $9.3M vs. $11.2MRed emitter - $2.8M vs. $3.4M

- The revenue beat versus the tight Q4 range given in November was across the board, materials and license fees. 

- The Konica License Agreement was a standard, post-Samsung agreement, with an up-front component and royalties.

- Re-iterated GM's of 40-50% on host and 70-80% on emitters, expect those to be maintained throughout 2014, do not see any meaningful impact from volume discounts.

- Did not answer a question on whether their green materials were in Samsung's wearables.

- Expect R&D to move 15% higher, even though there was a greater quarterly bump in Q4.

- Answered a question about new customers by saying nothing has changed, but highlighted they are expecting 50% materials growth in 2014.

- There has been No Change and No Impact with regard to the adverse patent ruling in November, it has not even been discussed by their customers.

- They have 15-20 customers today in varying volumes. They have no updates on progress with blue or with customers adopting new materials. There is a lot of customer interest in the existing green materials.

- Said lighting revenues would be less than 10% of 2014 revenues, which is different than their comments prior that it was 5% of revenue.

- Said all the TV's are currently from prototype lines, so too early to tell what material usage will be for TV's versus mobile. 

- No new uses for the growing cash balance.

- Did not have an answer for backplane upgrades at Samsung.

- Said $1.5M of the increase in non-Samsung license revenue was a Seiko/Epson upfront fee that was moved to current revenue since they are not proceeding with their plans. The remainder is the portion of license fees built into material prices.

- Said capacity additions at their customers is where the revenue growth in the forecast is coming from, primarily in 2H2014. They are not forecasting new materials in their guidance.