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Patent Soon ?


Recent activity at the USPTO website regarding patent application :




 leads me to believe that we are close to being awarded a patent .


I believe this patents is related to DPD .


To access this patent application go to :  http://portal.uspto.gov/pair/PublicPair & enter 13/648,163 .


Recent activity can be found under the Transaction History tab  as follows :


08-08-2014  Case Docketed to Examiner in GAU

08-08-2014  Document Verification

08-06-2014  Reasons for Allowance


(NOTE :  we last amended our claims such that we cancelled Denied Claims 15-24 while keeping previoulsy Allowed Claims 1-14 )


Not fully knowing the patent procedure, I checked the history of one of our know patent awards - 12/859,571 . 


03-11-2014  Mail Notice of Allowance

03-07-2014  Document Verification

03-07-2014  Notice of Allowance Data Verification Completed

03-07-2014  Case Docketed to Examiner in GAU

03-05-2014  Reasons for Allowance


Notice the similarities and days between the dates of the 2 patent applications .


I think we can expect a NOA ( Notice of Allowance ) , which is bascially the patent award less the formality of fees & paperwork ,  in the next few days .


Once the patent is in hand , I believe contracts will be signed & equipment will be ordered . 


Comparing US pat. app.

Edited: please do not post complete web pages or patent apps, only links or summaries.

Comparing US pat. app. 20110248244 and 13/648,163  are basically the same. Where they differ is in the claims section. 

I don't think contracts are waiting on this patent app.

Don ,

Don ,

You stated :

" I don't think contracts are waiting on this patent app."  

Could you please explain your reasoning ?


Also :

20130033199 is the Publication Number for Application number 13/648,163.

20110248244 is the Publication Number for Application number 12/897,109 .

13/648,163 was submitted as  12/897,109 was Abandoned.








It's my opinion, they already

It's my opinion, they already have the filing for the shares to go ahead.  


Yes they have to abandon it in order to get the new one. The wording of the claims is important. The 20110248244 claims  seems to have passed, but with restrictions. The 20130033199 claims, well they had to clarify/explain.


This patent stuff can get real messy which seems to be how fine you can split the hair yet cover the whole. UDC original stack oled patent (troublesome as well)  had only one control to turn on the stack. eMagin had came out with individually controlled/tandem layers of the stack which was sold to kodak.

This is far enough for me.



Don , let me explain my

Don , let me explain my reasoning .

First  I believe patent Application 13/648,163 ( 20130033199) is a key ingriedent in DPD as it provides for a stacked design as opposed to the current side by side design .   I could be wrong & would like anyone to correct this assumption as I am not a technical expert .

For whatever reason Patent Application 12/897,109 (20110248244 )  was Abandoned , & a modified 13/648,163 took it's place .

13/648,163 took some back & forth to get through the Patent Office including an RCE (Request for Continued Examination ) which caused delay .

On 4/30/14 the Patent Office issued a Non-Final rejection where Claims 1-14 were Allowed & Claims 15 -24 were Rejected .

On 5/12/14 EMAN quicky Amended the Application & withdrew Claims 15-24 .

At this point EMAN knew the Patent would now be Approved .

On 6/13/14 the S-3 was filed .

That updates us to my origional post that we are basically waiting on the NOA ( Notice of Allowance)

While we have been developing DPD & sending samples I believe we were waiting on the Patent to be able to sign contracts , order equipment & sell product.

My only question is how essential Claims 15 -24 are to the process .  Perhaps we will license that part of the technology.


NOTE :  Specifics of the above Patent transactions can be found on the Image File Wrapper tab at the USPTO site .









One more tidbit :

One more tidbit :


If you check the file folder for the S-3 it was time stamped as  being  Accepted by the SEC  at  2014-06-12 21:58:41.


Coincedentially,  or not , the DPD PR came out on 6/12/14 as well .

I'm not convinced, they have

I'm not convinced, they have been using the stack technology for awhile - available across all resolution displays. Check the last several CC. So I don't believe it is due to direct patterning use only.


Don ,

Don ,


As I stated, the Patent Application is too technical for me to positively tie it to DPD although the timing of events seems more than coincidental to me .


Another coincedence is the fact that DPD Trademark Application was filed on 12/14/2012 shortly after Patent Application 13/648,163 was initially filed on 10/9/2012 .




Regardless , I believe we should receive our Patent soon & can expect good things in the near future .



Ace OS
Should say both of you guys killin' it

Great sleuthing

Ace OS
Thats some darn good DD Frank

and the succesion of events sure make it looks a routine approval of application.

Notice of Allowance Data Verification Completed


Notice of Allowance Data Verification Completed - now showing on Patent.


NOA (Notice of Allowance ) should  follow shortly



Got the NOA !!!!


On cover page :

Status            Allowed -- Notice of Allowance Not Yet Mailed

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