eMagin logo neweMagin announced that SNU Precision shipped their new, proprietary OLED deposition machine. It is scheduled to arrive at eMagin’s production facility in Hopewell Junction, New York, in early November. eMagin signed the agreement to build this machine back in August 2010, and the original plan was to install it in Spring 2011 - so this is a delay of about half a year. The machine costed $4 million and replaces eMagin's existing Satella OLED deposition machine, an R&D tool adapted and used by eMagin for both R&D and production since the Company’s inception in 1996.

The new OLED deposition machine is expected to increase OLED microdisplay deposition capacity by approximately tenfold, to increase yield, and to contribute to a substantially more efficient, automated process with lower maintenance requirements and greater utilization.

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