eMagin logo neweMagin announced that Vinghøg AS of Tønsberg, Norway is using their SVGA+ OLED microdisplay in a fire control system (FCS). Vinghøg is developing the system as part of the Norwegian Soldier Modernization Program. Vinghøg designed this system as a stand-alone universal site for all weapons and calibers from 5.56 to 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

The Vingsight FCS uses a see-through OLED microdisplay to deliver graphic and text information as overlays on the target image. The overlays show the user's own position, target position, waypoint indication, and bank and arrow indication for direction. In addition, an integrated camera provides enhanced low-light operation. The Vingsight system also contains a laser rangefinder, digital magnetic compass, GPS, motion and temperature sensors, and storage capacity for ten images. It communicates by USB2.

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