eMagin announces three new R&D contracts, to double OLED microdisplay brightness

In July eMagin announced they expect to receive a number of new R&D contracts, and now the company announced three new R&D project wins, worth a total of $6.8 million.

The first project is a $1.1 million contract over 15 months to further enhance the brightness of eMagin's ultra-high-brightness full-color microdisplay. The second project ($4.9 million, 30 months) and the third ($800,000 over 11 months) involved a new manufacturing technology that eMagin will detail in the near future.

eMagin already demonstrated a full-color WUXGA display that runs at 7,000 nits - which they believe is the brightest full-color OLED microdisplay ever shown. The company expects to double the brightness with this new contract. These displays are direct-emission OLEDs. Currently all OLED microdipslays on the market use white OLEDs and color-filters. Removing the color-filters increases the displays's brightness and power efficiency.

Posted: Oct 11,2014 by Ron Mertens


nteresting that Management cited "news reports", plural, that Google is intent on switching to OLED displays for Google Glass. As far as I know the only report that mentions that possibility was yours, relayed at this site, concerning a chat you had with an Industry Insider. They seemed to use that report to indicate, in so many words, that theirs is the display-in-waiting for a future iteration of Glass.

Ace, yes this is interesting. But you're referring to this post - and my industry insider actually said Google are in talks with MicroOLED and not eMagin. And there was a report from 2013 - they said Google are discussing an OLED microdisplay supply deal with Samsung. So there were at least two such reports indeed...

I guess it's pretty safe to assume Google is in talks with several micro-display makers, OLEDs or otherwise, and it's too early to call. 

references to your "rumor" and Google Glass. I understand your need to be even-handed however,but you started it! :) I have no such compuction and I'll say Microoled cannot produce an Ultra-High Brightness Display in neccesary volumes or a Direct Patterend Display (in fact, eMagin's competition was Fraunhofer and eMagin won the Gentlemen's Bet they had as to who would produce them first) and once and for all Samsung is not a competitor in OLED microdisplays or any other kind. Listen to the CC and see that you are the Woodward and Bernstein of Oledgate. Anybody from Microoled or Samsung, denizens of Oled-Info, chime in, tell me I'm wrong.


First of all, I'm an eMagin shareholder, and I personally know and like some of the employees there. It'll be great to see them supply to Google. I also have a good relationship with MicroOLED and it'll be great to see them win this as well. So I'm trying to stay even-handed as you say.

All I can say is that I have a personal friend whom I trust (he works in the industry, not in any of those companies) and he told me about MicroOLED and Google. As I said, all he knew and could tell me was that Google is "in talks" with MicroOLED. I don't know how the talks ended or if they still go on and whether Google is talking to other companies. If I'm responsible for OLEDGate, then so be it, I do not mind, I only report what I know...