Did Kolon shut-down its OLED division, Neoview Kolon?

According to a report from Korea, the Kolon Group decided to close its OLED subsidiary, Neoview Kolon. NeoView Kolon was established in 2000 and has been producing PMOLED and OLED lighting panels, including transparent panels. According to the report, Kolon invested almost $84 million in Neoview Kolon - but the company never turned a profit.

Neoview Kolon transparent OLED prototype

In the last few years NeoView Kolon focused on transparent panels for the automotive industry - but could not generate revenues. Recently the company also started developing flexible transparent PMOLEDs.

This is quite sad news as NeoView attempted to develop innovating OLED products. As the world is moving towards high-end AMOLED panels, it is difficult for some PMOLED players to find their place in the market.

Posted: Jan 04,2016 by Ron Mertens