Doosan Solus

Doosan logoDoosan Solus, spun-off from Doosan Electro Materials in 2019, is producing materials for the electronics industry, the health and beauty industry and the battery industry.

For the OLED industry, Doosan Solus is producing HBL, ETL, EIL and other materials - and it is developing blue and green host materials. Doosan Solus is also researching new materials such as TADF emitters and quantum dots.


DowDuPont logoUS-based DowDuPont was established in 2015 as a merger between DuPont and Dow Chemical. The new company is a science-based material company active in agriculture, materials science and specialty products.

Both DuPont and Dow Chemical had extensive OLED programs, and the new company is continuing this R&D.

Dowoo Insys

Korea-based Dowoo Insys, established in 2010, is a developer and supplier of glass products for the display industry.

Dowoo Insys develops ultra-thin glass covers for foldable OLED displays. The company provides its glass, which is a treated Schott Glass UTG, to Samsung Display.

Duksan Hi-Metal

Duksan Hi-Metal logoDuksan Hi-Metal (part of the DS Group) is a material maker based in Korea, involved in two segments - semiconductor and OLED materials. Duksan produces OLED materials and is a supplier of Samsung Display.

Back in 2008, Duksan bought the Ludis OLED business unit of Sinsung ENG and this is the basis of their AMOLED business unit. The company currently produces many OLED stack materials (but not emitters).


Dynic logoDynic Corporation is a multinational company based in Japan, focusing on coating, coloring, laminating and embossing.

Dynic's USA branch has a range of desiccant ("Humidity Getter") products called HG Sheets that are aimed for OLED production.

e-Ray Optoelectronics Technology

e-Ray Optoelectronics logoe-Ray Optoelectronics Technology was established in 2000 in Taiwan to develop CD-R dyes and quenchers and OLED/PLED materials. The company offers small-molecule OLED electron transport, hole injection, hole transport, emitting materials and dopants.

Eternal Material Technology

Eternal Material Technology logoChina-based Eternal Material Technology Company (EMT) develops and produces electronic materials, mainly in the fields of displays and photoelectric applications. The company produces OLED stack materials.

Everest Scientific

Everest Scientific logoEverest Scientific, based in the US, is a chemicals and raw materials suppliers for several industries.

For the OLED market, the company provides intermediate materials.


Genes'Ink logoGenes'Ink offers advanced materials based on proprietary processes for the printed & flexible electronics market. Genes'Ink solutions include conductive and semi‑conductive inks for thin and flexible devices with high conductivity. Genes’Ink industrial solution are used for flexible and organic solar cells and OLED.

Green Guardee

Green Guardee logoBeijing Green Guardee, established in 2010, supplies high-purity OLED intermediates. The company has an 8-ton intermediates production plant.

Kyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emittersKyulux - Hyperfluoresence OLED emitters