Cintelliq released a new OLED lighting report, in which they say that the commercialization of OLED lighting continues to accelerate. As companies are beginning to scale-up production, Cintelliq sees OLEDs becoming a strong competitor to LEDs by 2016 - one year earlier than previously thought.

By 2020 OLED panels will be priced at €200 per m2 and operate at a brightness of 5,000 cd per m2 and we could see OLED panels priced at less than €14/klm. By 2023 worldwide OLED panel production may exceed 500 million 100mm x 100mm panel equivalents.



Very optimistic forecast to

Very optimistic forecast to say the least. All other recent predictions and market indications from relevant players seem to point into the opposite direction.

I'm not sure you're correct.

I'm not sure you're correct. Nanomarkets are also optimistic, and with the latest advances in OLED lighting and serious commitments by LG, KM and Philips, OLED lighting chances look very good at the moment.