Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) and Sumitomo Chemical have confirmed that their Joint Venture company, Sumation, commenced trading on November 14th 2005.

Sumation supplies polymers and formulated inks for use in both development and commercial P-OLED display and lighting applications. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, and has an R & D team located in both the UK and Japan, while production of polymer materials will take place under sub contract at the Sumitomo Chemical plant in Osaka.

In establishing Sumation, the parties expect to achieve even faster progress in the development of materials performance through the synergy of combining the lumation(TM), Sumitomo and CDT portfolios in the key polyfluorene and high-efficiency dendrimer chemistry families.

Through a combination of CDT's ink jet printing process development and associated ink formulation expertise, coupled with Sumation polymer research, display makers now have access to commercial quantities of the latest polymer materials technology to produce P-OLED displays for the next generation of consumer products.

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