Revenues in the quarter were $2.7 million, which was the same as the $2.7 million reported for the corresponding period in 2005. The majority of revenues in Q2 2006 arose in the License Fees and Royalties category.

CEO Dr. David Fyfe commented: "In the second quarter we were delighted to see Sharp reveal their work on high resolution PLED displays at the SID conference in June. At the same conference we were able to show the world's first roll printed OLED display, produced in co-operation with Toppan Printing. This printing technology could become very important in future for lower cost display production." "We have seen an encouraging number of new commercial applications utilizing our technology, from digital radios and MP3 players to diving computers."

InZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLEDInZiv - Transforming inspection of OLED, MicroLED, and QLED