LG did not yet announce the price and availability of its 2019 OLED TVs, but B&H photo in the US now lists LG's OLED TV range - ready for pre-orders.

LG OLED C9 photoSo first up we have the basic model, the OLED C9. The 55" model costs $2,496.99 while the 65" one costs $3,496.99 and the 77" costs $6,996.99. The C9 is LG's basic 2019 OLED TV, based on LG's 2nd-gen Alpha 9 intelligent processor which enables LG's ThinQ AI to offer new display algorithms and Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant.

Next we have LG's OLED E9, which B&H lists for $4,296.99 for the 65" model (there's no 55" model at B&H yet), and the Wallpaper OLED W9 - which B&H lists for $5,996.99 for the 65" model and $9,996.99 for the 77" model.

Unfortunately, B&H do not list the rollable OLED TV R or the 88" 8K OLED Z9.