Black Cattle Food logoA soy and grain beverage maker based in Shenzhen, China, called Blackcow Food, announced that it aims to raise 18 billion yuan (about $2.7 billion) that will be invested in OLED R&D and production.

Blackcow aims to set up a joint-venture in Jiangsu, to handle OLED display R&D and production. It seems that the plan is to construct a 6-Gen AMOLED panel production line to make small-sized OLED panels for mobile devices. Blackcow will hold a 50.31% stake in the JV, and it did not name the rest of the shareholders.

Time will tell if this is a real project, and if it manages to pick up - we heard of many attempts in the past to initiate OLED projects that never saw the light of day...

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