Beneq to supply the UK's CPI with a roll-to-roll ALD system

Beneq signed an agreement with the UK's Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to deliver an ALD roll-to-roll unit for their thin-film barrier development platform. The equipment will be delivered to CPI in England in Q2 2014. CPI have been looking at R2R ALD technology for several years, and their first goal now is to develop full system technologies and processes to the field of clear flexible barrier encapsulation and substrate materials.

CPI OLED production line

CPI's current OLED system supports both small evaporized and soluble OLED materials. Their pilot production line uses slot die technology to allow the coating of substrates (4", 6" or 8" in size) in a highly repeatable and reproducible manner with a uniform film thickness of under 50 nm.

Posted: Jul 03,2013 by Ron Mertens