AUO to show a bendable AMOLED that detects manipulation

Tomorrow AU Optronics will unveil a new 5" bendable AMOLED prototype that integrates a sensor that can detect when user bend the panel. The idea that detecting the size and direction of the manipulation can help create a user interface that complements regular touch functions.

The 2011 Nokia Kinetic demonstrator

This is the first time we hear of an OLED display maker that is going to present such a prototype - but the idea is not new. Nokia demonstrated a similar device back in 2011 - the so-called Kinetic phone concept used a 4" OLED that was bendable, and bending the device could be used to select an option or zoom an image.

In 2012 LG was awarded with a patent that describes a mobile device that uses two displays - a regular rigid one and a bendable one that can be bent to react with the device. In 2013 Apple patented a similar idea - a flexible OLED with integrated touch sensors to.

Posted: Aug 25,2015 by Ron Mertens