Tomorrow AU Optronics will unveil a new 5" bendable AMOLED prototype that integrates a sensor that can detect when user bend the panel. The idea that detecting the size and direction of the manipulation can help create a user interface that complements regular touch functions.

The 2011 Nokia Kinetic demonstratorThe 2011 Nokia Kinetic demonstrator

This is the first time we hear of an OLED display maker that is going to present such a prototype - but the idea is not new. Nokia demonstrated a similar device back in 2011 - the so-called Kinetic phone concept used a 4" OLED that was bendable, and bending the device could be used to select an option or zoom an image.

In 2012 LG was awarded with a patent that describes a mobile device that uses two displays - a regular rigid one and a bendable one that can be bent to react with the device. In 2013 Apple patented a similar idea - a flexible OLED with integrated touch sensors to.

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