During AU Optonics' financial results conference call, the company's Chairman and CEO Paul Peng said that he expects OLED shipments to double next year. AUO is still cautious about the OLED industry, though, and will refrain from large-scale investments in the near term.

AUO 5.7'' WQHD 513 PPI AMOLED panel prototype

The reasons given for AUO's prudent approach to OLEDs is first of all that the company is not sure it will have a good return on investment. Secondly, AUO says that it is not sure OLED quality is actually higher than LCD - but this seems to be a defensive stance, as OLEDs are widely regarding to be the best performing displays ever.

AUO is currently focused on VR, wearable and automotive applications for its AMOLED displays. The company recently started shipping its 3.8" VR AMOLEDs.

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