Asus Zenbook S OLED / 14X OLED / 15 OLED (2023)

Asus' 2023 OLED Zenbook range include three laptop devices. First up is the Zenbook S 13 OLED, which is said to be the thinnest 13.3" OLED laptop ever at 1 cm. It sports a new 13.3" 2.8K 550 nits AMOLED display, several chipset options up to Intel Core i7 1355U, up to 32GB RAM a 1 TB SSD. The Zenbook S 13 OLED weighs 1 Kg.

The second laptop is the Zenbook 14X OLED, that has a 14.5" 2.8K 120Hz OLED display. It offers chipsets up to Intel Core i9 H-series and Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3050 graphics.


The third laptop is the Zenbook 15 OLED, that offers a 15.6" 2.8K 120Hz AMOLED display. The 15 OLED offers AMD chipsets (up to Ryzen 7 7735U) and it weighs 1.4Kg.

Asus' 2023 Zenbook OLED laptop range will start shipping soon.

OLED type:   13.3" / 14.5 / 15.6" 2.8K AMOLED
Posted:   Apr 22,2023 by Ron Mertens