Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED

The Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15 (UX582) is the company's second generation dual display laptop, with a main 15.6-inch 4K AMOLED display, and a secondary 14.09-inch UHD LCD. Other features include a Core i7/i9 chipset, Nvidia RTX 3070 chipset and up to 1TB of storage.

Asuis Zenbook Pro Duo 15 OLED photo

The ZenBook Pro Duo 15 OLED laptops are now shipping. The first-gen ASUS ZenBook Pro UX581 is also available.

OLED type:  

15.6" 4K AMOLED

Posted:   Jan 15,2021 by Ron Mertens