Aixtron announced that it has delivered a production-scale PRODOS Gen-3.5 Polymer Vapor Phase Deposition (PVPD) system to a major prestigious Asian customer. This system will be used to produce novel flexible electronic devices through the deposition of organic polymer thin films. The system will be commissioned within the next couple of weeks.

PRODOS R&D system

Aixtron says that the new system has been designed to be a perfect match for the customer’s production environment for Gen-3.5 substrates (650x750mm²). Aixtron wouldn't say who's the customer or what will be produced on the equipment, but they do say that the customer will be able to develop new applications including "flexible flat panel displays with benefits such as lightweight, ruggedness, low power consumption, color brightness, and superior legibility".

The customer may be Samsung, but it seems that their flexible OLED production lines should be ready by now. It may also be LG Display, who indeed is working on a 3.5-Gen flexible OLED line at Paju.



could it be the display for

could it be the display for galaxy note 2 ?

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