The Agent design studio OLED lighting concept work for Konica-Minolta

Mexican design studio Agent has designed a couple of OLED lighting concepts for Konica-Minolta. The first one is called Wearable band of light - 'cool, wrap-on accessories that glow with light and can be worn around your body, matching your personality". The bands are bendable, thin, light and can be curved any way you like. Agent says this is a hybrid of jewelry + safety element + wearable light.

Agent Wearable-Band-Of-Light concept photo

The second design is called Strip Light - a bus stop with illuminated timetables and neighborhood maps. This design also uses flexible OLED panels.

Agent Strip Light concept photoAgent Strip Light HYB-S3 concept photo

So, while these are just design - concepts, it's great to see Konica Minolta promoting these kind of ideas. The company plans to launch OLED lighting equipment by March 2011 and start mass producing panels by march 2014. There are some reports that they plan to start with flexible OLED lighting panels soon. We think that those reports are optimistic, but obviously KM is interested in flexible OLEDs...

Posted: Sep 14,2010 by Ron Mertens