Advantech to build a pilot line for roll-to-roll OLED fabrication at "exceptionally low cost"

Advantech has got a 15M$ investment to build a pilot line for their roll-to-roll OLED fabrication technology. Advantech will use the line to produce OLED TV backplanes, and Electronic Shelf Labels backplanes. They say their new technology will enable fabrication at "exceptionally low cost". Advantech already produced 4" monochrome AMOLED panels (shown below).

Advantech 4-inch AMOLED panel

Advantech was founded by Dr. T. Peter Brody, inventor of the Active-Matrix, and they hope to revolutionize the OLED market. The current investment round comes from the Pan family (12M$) and from Shanghai Ventures (2.1M$). The Pan family has already invested 12M$ in previous rounds. 

Posted: Jul 27,2009 by Ron Mertens