JOLED supplies its printed OLEDs for LG's upcoming 31.5-inch 4K monitor

A couple of days ago, LG Electronics announced its first OLED monitor, the 31.5-inch 4K UltraFine OLED Pro, model 32EP950. Today JOLED announced that LG's monitor uses the company's printed OLED panels.

LG UltraFine OLED Pro photo

JOLED (Japan OLED) was established in August 2014 by Japan Display, Sony and Panasonic to produce OLED displays using inkjet printing technology. In December 2017 JOLED started commercial low-volume production of its 21.6" 4K OLED panels, at the company's pilot 4.5-Gen line.

New OLED gadget: TCL Wearable Display

TCL's Wearable Display is a VR HMD that is powered by dual 1080p Sony OLED Microdisplays to enable a 140-FOV display. The Wearable Display does not contain its own CPU or battery and is powered by a USB Type-C connector.

TCL Wearable Display photo

TCL did not yet detail the price and availability of the Wearable Display headset.

The MicroLED Handbook, 2021 edition

OLED-Info and our sister site MicroLED-Info are happy to announce the 2021 edition of The MicroLED Handbook. This book is a comprehensive guide to MicroLED display technology, industry and market. MicroLED displays are thin, efficient, bright and flexible and are on track to revolutionize the display industry. The handbook is now updated to January 2021 and lists recent developments and new companies, initiatives and research activities.

The MicroLED Handbook

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • MicroLED technology, materials and production processes
  • How MicroLEDs compare to LCDs and OLEDs
  • What are the challenges towards commercial production
  • LED technology and manufacturing processes
  • MicroLED driving and full-color architectures
  • The MicroLED displays currently on the market

New OLED gadget: Skyworth XC9300

Skyword's XC9300 is the company's flagship 2021 TV, which sports a 55- or 65-inch 4K 500-nits 120Hz WOLED panels, Android smart OS, VRR for gaming wth HDMI 2.0b, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Atmos and Dolby HDR support.

Skyworth XC9300 photo

The XC9300 will ship globally in April 2021.

New OLED gadget: Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro OLED

Lenovo's Yoga Slim 7i Pro is a 14-inch laptop that in early 2021 received an OLED screen option - with a 14-inch 2880x1800 (2.8K) 90Hz AMOLED display. Other features include an Intel Core i7 chipset (or alternatively an AMD Ryzen 7), Nvidia GeForce MX450 GPU and up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Pro OLED photo

Lenovo did not yet detail the price and availabiliy of the yoga Slim 7i Pro OLED.

LG teases its 2021 rollable OLED smartphone

In July 2020 LG Electronics announced that it aims to be the first company to introduce a rollable OLED smartphone - as early as the beginning of 2021. The company has now released a new teaser, showing the upcoming smartphone in action:

Unlike other rollable smartphone designs, LG's phone opens up on the wide size of the phone, to become an tablet form factor. LG did not give any information, specification or release date on what could be the world's first rollable phone.

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