Samsung Electronics is looking to move manufacturing out of China, may open an OLED module factory in India

According to Invest India, Samsung Electronics is looking into establishing a smartphone OLED display manufacturing fab in India's Uttar Pradesh. The facility, which will likely to be a module assembly factory, will begin operations in 2021.

Samsung Electronics is reportedly looking to remove facilities from China to other countries, including Vietnam and now India. The company aims to receive tax incentives from the Indian government towards this ~$700 million facility.

Flexible OLED smart packaging developer Inuru raised €2.3 Million

Germany-based OLED lighting developer Inuru announced that it has completed its Series-A funding round. Inuru raised €2.3 Million, led by Warsaw based venture capital fund ARIA.

Inuru - ARIA flexible OLED demonstration

Inuru aims to use the funds to accelerate the production of affordable active packaging and labeling products. Inuru uses flexible OLED lighting devices to develop "luminous label and packaging solutions".

LG starts shipping its 48" OLED TVs in Europe

LG Electronics finally started shipping the world's first 48-inch OLED TV. The OLED48CX is now shipping in Europe. The price is relatively high (1,999 GBP in the UK) but hopefully this will come down in price soon.

LG OLED CX photo

LG's CX OLED TVs, LG's entry-level OLEDs for 2020, feature LG's latest 3rd-Gen Alpha 9 processor, which offers better HDR tone mapping and deep learning algorithms to improve picture quality. The TVs also offer NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility for gamers. The TVs are available in 48-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch.

Will the Samsung Galaxy M41 use a CSoT flexible AMOLED panel?

In 2019, it was reported that Samsung Electronics is in early talks with China's CSoT for flexible OLED supply for low-end and mid-tier smartphones. According to a new report from Korea, Samsung Electronics has decided to adopt a CSoT flexible OLED panel for its upcoming budget Galaxy M41 smartphone.

Motorola Edge photo

Motorola Edge

If true, this is the first time that Samsung Electronics will adopt an OLED that wasn't produced by Samsung Display. The M41 will use a 6.67-inch 1080x2340 AMOLED, the same panel used in Xiaomi's Mi 10 and Motorola's Edge.

Korean researchers develop a highly-efficient deep-blue phosphorescent OLED emitter

Researchers from Korea's Pusan National University have developed an efficient deep-blue phosphorescent OLED emitter. The researcher say that their new materials has an EQE of 24% while the color point is CIE (0.149, 0.085).

According to the Korean press, the main achievement in this research was the adjustment of the doping concentration of a novel dopant (mer ‐Ir1) to optimize the balance of electron and holes in the light emitting layer.

New OLED gadget: Panasonic HZ980

Panasonic's HZ980, available in 55-inch and 65-inch, are the company's entry-level 2020 OLED TVs. The 4K TVs feature HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG and Dolby Atmos. The TVs are based on Panasonic's HCX Intelligent Pro processor and has a Netflix-calibrated mode.

Panasonic HZ980 photo

The HZ980 will start shipping in Europe in July 2020.

DDaily: BOE failed to pass Samsung's and Apple's OLED quality tests

Earlier this year, reports from Korea suggested that Samsung Electronics is looking to order some OLED panels from China's BOE - including for its flagship S21 smartphone to be announced later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup

A new report from Korea's DDaily suggests that BOE failed to pass Samsung's display quality test. Samsung Electronics is likely to retain Samsung Display (partly owned by SE) as an exclusive AMOLED supplier for its 2020-2021 smartphones.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes