3D-Micromac AG has developed and introduced a new laser structuring process for OLED thin film layers. Based on the microSTRUCT workstations a laser system was developed in the mayor field for selective structuring application of anode layers. Hereby the nearly transparent semiconductor tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) is used as anode material.

3D-Micromac says that the integration of an ultra short pulsed laser in microSTRUCT guarantees a gentle structuring of anode without material damage at substrate level. Special highlight is the processing of variable and scalable substrate sizes. It is realized by an innovative software controlled scanner machining concept achieving a structuring speed of up to 1 meter per second. In addition further layers of OLED can be machined with the same laser system. For instance there is a possibility to repair short circuits and remove other defects in the layer system of the OLED. The laser system can also be used engrave the glass substrate. Marking can be done at the surface of the substrate and also as intra glass marking. The nearly athermal laser machining allows a micro marking of glass without micro cracks in the substrate.

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