Will LG release a 75" HD OLED TV in Europe soon?

An anonymous tipper just sent us this interesting info. It is reported that LG is going to launch the gallery OLED TV in the Nederlands soon, with the model number being 55EA8809. The OLED TV will cost €8,999 and will start selling on two local retailers (Media Market and Saturn) on September 27.

LG 55EA9800

But the really interesting news is that Austria's TUV (Technischer Ãœberwachungs-Verein, an Austrian-German technical inspection association) and Unity Media (a German cable TV operator) just certified a new 75" TV from LG - and the new model number is 75EA9809 which probably means it is an OLED TV.

TUV certified the TV for ORF broadcasting (the Austrian national public service broadcaster). According to the filing, the resolution is HD - So this isn't the 77" curved UHD (4K) WRGB OLED TV panel unveiled at IFA last week. But still it'll be great to see LG release a 75" OLED TV and hopefully we'll get an official confirmation soon.

Posted: Sep 24,2013 by Ron Mertens