Video - Samsung mobile phone prototype with a flexible OLED display

UPDATE - this display is not a flexible display - it is simply two 'regular' OLED displays tiled together. OLEDs are very thin, so it's possible to make it look good.

At FPD 2008, Samsung showed a mobile phone prototype that has a flexible OLED display. The phone is like a clam shell, but the inside screen is full sized, and then it is folded when the phone is closed.

Posted: Nov 23,2008 by Ron Mertens


Great Video! Its amazing what the companies can do with the OLED technology!

Now, how many times do you think you can fold/unfold one of these? 300 times? 's gotta give up at some point, and 300 times is nothing.

I waiting for this. But now for e-ink as big screen for e-reader, two things in one place :D!!!!

Its not closing the full way, allright in concept, but in everyday use it will fall appart

what if it is 400 times?

The device doesn't crease the screen, it folds like a "u" not like a "v". You can do the same thing with a sheet of transparency paper, it doesn't wear out. That's why each half of the device is so thick, so there's room for the screen to bend inside.

Guys, if you take a closer look at the video posted earlier:
the screen itself does not fold!
They are just two separate screens that colapse when closing. ;)

Yep but will it Blend...!